These classes include a wide range of postures to increase flexibility and strength, improve muscle tone and overall well being.  This improved physical well being has a strengthening impact & calming effect on the mind.  Although we include some of the foundational postures in each class, a different selection of poses are practiced in each session.






This is a dynamic session where postures are combined with the breath to create a smooth flowing style of yoga.  Although the class structure is loosely based on the ashtanga method of yoga practice which is a set routine, our power flow class will have a different focus in each session (standing, abdominals & forward bends, backward bends & twists, inversions so the routine will be slightly varied in each session.






This is a restful practice that incorporates breathing techniques & inverted poses to restore energy & rejuvenate the body & the mind.  In this class the majority of postures are either lying down or seated – so it is also suitable for those with injuries or to ease into practice after a break.  Through a combination of gentle stretches & supported poses you will feel completely revitalised & restored. 


“Relaxation begins from the outer layer of the body and penetrates the deep layers of our existence”  - BKS Iyengar





Yin Yoga 

 This deeply relaxing style of yoga features long holds in supported seated or supine poses that stretch and release the connective tissue and ligaments around the pelvis, hips and lower back.  (It is important to remember that unless we stretch the connective tissue around the joints it will shorten to the minimum length that accommodates our regular activities.)  The yin yoga poses are our outside of our regular range of movement and by releasing into these shapes we increase our flexibility and maintain our full range of movement.  In addition the long holds teach us to really listen to ourselves and to experience the feelings, sensations and emotions in each moment …. to be at one with the breath…. to sink into the stillness… the effects of which will leave you feeling harmonised and deeply rejuvenated.